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We love having our dental practice here in beautiful Burbank, California! Not only does the city have many important elements of the entertainment industry located here (or nearby), and some world famous theme parks, but did you know that the city itself was founded by a dentist? It’s true!

Dr. David Burbank was trained as a dentist in the eastern U.S. and practiced in the state of Maine until he moved to the west in 1853. Originally landing in San Francisco, he moved to a lesser developed area (at the time) called Pueblo de Los Angeles in 1866, and did very well. This allowed him to purchase a large amount of land in the area and he started a large sheep farm on 9,200 acres. He built his house on what is now the Warner Bros. Studios back-lot. By 1872 his sheep ranch was so successful that Dr. Burbank quit dentistry altogether and invested heavily in Los Angeles real estate.

In 1886, he sold his holdings to the Providencia Land, Water, and Development Company for about $240,000. The future development was named “Burbank, California” in his honor.

He died in 1895 and is interred in the Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery in Los Angeles.

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