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What we eat often causes or leads to halitosis, which is another way of saying bad breath. There are many foods and drinks that can cause bad breath in one way or another. Fortunately, we know of some ways to subvert their effects.

Foods that cause bad breath are almost numberless, but we can at least name a few. Garlic and onions are very obvious offenders. They can smell quite strongly, and when you eat them, your breath smells that way too.

Sugary foods can also pose a problem. Sugar rots, and when it rests in your mouth, you get the idea. The bacteria we mentioned earlier also enjoy sugar. When they consume sugar, they create some acidic products that not only bring about cavities and tooth decay but contribute to unpleasant smelling breath.

Some drinks that can bring about halitosis are coffee and alcoholic beverages. They can cause dehydration, which negatively affects your breath because your saliva gets reduced. Saliva cleans your mouth of food and helps fight bacteria, thus removing the causes of a bad smell.

In order to prevent halitosis, you can try a few methods. One is to reduce how much you eat or drink these items. You can also brush and floss your teeth after you enjoy these foods and drinks to remove anything they may have abandoned. You can also try antibacterial mouthwashes after brushing to keep bacteria populations down.

With dehydration, nothing beats it like water. Drinking some water while you drink coffee or alcoholic beverages grants more saliva for your mouth.

If you struggle with bad breath despite following these suggestions, come visit our dentist, Dr. Singh, so she can track down the problem. You can find her at Dr. Singh in Burbank, California. Just call ahead with 818-842-0709 so we can best accommodate you.